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Brewing Market 1

Brewing Market 2

Amante Coffee

R. McDonald House

Brewing Market sketch walk-through:

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R. McDonald House sketch walk-through:

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The graphics above represent examples of tentative design drawings, or digital sketches, prepared for projects such as Brewing Market and the Ronald McDonald Foundation House. There are several scenarios when you should consider digital sketch rendering services:

You Needs It To Change:

While finished digital renderings are valuable for presentations, they aren't always cost effective for design exploration. Change and experiment is an inherent part of the creative process, especially during the early stages. Finished renderings or drawings done in CAD require a lot of planning, overhead, and detailed modeling work, all of which is wasted whenever modifications are required. Like rough cardboard massing models, digital sketch models are inherently simpler and easier to modify, making them ideal for "tentative" drawings and presentations.

The Concept Is Still A Concept

Many 3D software packages are designed to make detailed and hyper-realistic renderings. But are they always truly desirable? Imagery that is too finished or detailed can work against you by making clients feel that there is no longer room for their input. I believe that a better approach is to keep the representational style appropriate to the level of abstraction of the design idea being communicated.

You Need To Keep Costs Down

A finished photo-realistic animation can cost several thousand dollars per finished minute. By using an animated digital sketch instead, you can eliminate the need for a lot of complex work on materials, lighting, and video production. This reduces costs dramatically while retaining the powerful communication advantages of moving, animated video. They're much faster to generate, too. While animation schedules are measured in weeks, animated sketches can be made in days or even hours.


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