Hover your mouse over the icons below to view still frames from the animation:

Main Entry/Court

Side Entry/Interior

View clips from the final animated sequence:

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· QuickTime (7 MB)

Social Security Administration HQ  ·  ARCHITECTURAL ANIMATION

This animated rendering of the new Social Security Administration Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama was contracted by the architecture firm HOK in early 2005. The HOK design team in Atlanta was preparing to present this design to their clients, and needed an animated sequence to help communicate several key aspects of their solution.

Although they had already developed a very detailed 3D model for generating high-resolution still images, it was unsuitable for animation, which requires thousands of frames per minute of finished animation. Because the deadline was only two weeks away, I recreated their model at 10% the original complexity, while working with the San Francisco office to maintain the visual quality and presentation style of the existing imagery.


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