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Walking Experience

Driving Experience

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Although animated sequences are most often used to demonstrate tentative designs to a client, they can be valuable in other ways, as well. When I started working on this outdoor retail street project for the CommArts team, the design had already been finished and approved without any animation. But the client still needed a way to communicate the design to prospective tenants in a compelling way.

In particular, it was important for them to convey their commitment to quality as well as the details of their plan to create attractive spaces capable of drawing shoppers in a crowded retail market. Since building construction hadn't yet begun, making a traditional sales video was not possible. In cases such as these, an animated video can be a highly effective business or financing tool.

By starting the selling process early with strong visuals in hand, the client's sales team was able to pre-lease a large number of spaces. The benefit to a large retail project like this cannot be overstated, as having a high occupancy rate on opening day is key to drawing customers.


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